Wednesday, January 11, 2012

~Glamour Doll Eyes~

- Very Pigmented
- Very little fall out
- Pictures on the website are true to color in person

- They don't really pop without a base
- Once eyeshadows are applied the shimmer separates a little

I'm happy with my purchase. The glitters and shadows are gorgeous, vivid colors. The only colors I would give my famous "side eye" to, would be "Pistol Pistol" and "Pink Cadillac". My issue with "Pistol Pistol" is that in the jar it is a very pretty shimmery gray, but when applied the shimmer and gray color separates leaving a matte off black shade. I haven't given up hope on it yet. I'll keep playing with it until I find something that works for me.

"Pistol Pistol"

Swatch of Pistol Pistol (center)

As for "Pink Cadillac", I love the glitter part of it. It's like a transparent purple glitter that you can layer over a pretty pink or purple eyeshadow. But as a whole, when I see this glitter, I see purple glitter mixed with powdered sugar. That's the best way I can describe it. =/ All hope isn't lost for this one either...

Left (starting at the top) Hollywood, Pink Cadillac, Ditzy... Right- Techno, Fierce, Rave

Left(starting at the top) Oddity, Tattoed, Pistol Pistol, Phyrra... Right- Juicy Mangp, Island Chic

If you've ever purchases from tell me your thought on the products.

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  1. ohmy gawd! so excited to be your 2nd follower! and from the looks, i,m gonna love you! i love glitter!!! i wish i could try these glitters!! but currently a stay atr home so a little broke! hahaa

    well hope you follow back!

    1. OMG! Thank you sooooooo much! The glitters are sample size and they were only $1.75! I'm a stay at home AF wife and college student so broke is a very familiar word! hehe =)

  2. Love these! my fav ones are Ditzy & Fierce!

    Just started a beauty/fashion blog hop! come and join in


  3. Thanks for reading! Hopping on the blog train! =)