Monday, January 30, 2012

A Quick Splash of Color

This is just a look I did while I was getting ready for school. It was inspired by a video I saw on NikkieTutorials YouTube channel. I didn't go as dark as she did because I was in a slight rush.
On the eyelids I used Mulch, Saddle and Bamboo all by MAC. Under the eye I used Love+ by Sugarpill. On my lips I have an unknown (the name rubbed off) MAC nude lipstick that I've toned down with Cork lip pencil. My foundation routine is pretty short. I just conceal my problem areas with Studio Finish Concealer and then use the Mineralize Skin Finish in Deep Dark all over. That's all folks! Short and sweet!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My 1st week at the Aveda Institute!!

Hi guys!! I am happy to report I have completed my first week at Aveda!! =D I absolutely love love love it! I am enrolled in the Esthiology program or "skin school" as I've heard my instructor say many times. It's an eighteen week program focusing on skin care. Classes are Tuesday through Saturday from 9-5:30. The days sound long but trust me once you're locked in a classroom full entertaining personalities, the time flies! It's so easy to get caught up in the curriculum so you don't notice the fact that you're in class on a Saturday and the bright side is you can run errands and shop on Monday with out dealing with crowds and traffic.

So you might be asking what this rebel did during the first week. Well, the first two days were orientation. We got to know more about Aveda as a brand and what they support. They gave us shirts, books, book bags and name tags. I was really looking forward to getting the student kit, but they save those for when you are ready to start working on the floor. Total disappointment for this little product junkie! On day three we began class. Let me just say that I really underestimated this program!!! I, like most people, thought that you just go to class, read some chapters and play with products and make up. Boy was I wrong!  The classes get pretty deep in information and a few hours of studying are required each night. The interactive activities during class are refreshing breaks from taking notes. 

Week 1 topics:
~Tips for a healthy mind and body
~ Communication skills
~Human Relations
~Some anatomy

All in all I can tell the next 17 weeks are going to be awesome! I will come back periodically to let you know about my progress!

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Rebel Kisses

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

~Glamour Doll Eyes~

- Very Pigmented
- Very little fall out
- Pictures on the website are true to color in person

- They don't really pop without a base
- Once eyeshadows are applied the shimmer separates a little

I'm happy with my purchase. The glitters and shadows are gorgeous, vivid colors. The only colors I would give my famous "side eye" to, would be "Pistol Pistol" and "Pink Cadillac". My issue with "Pistol Pistol" is that in the jar it is a very pretty shimmery gray, but when applied the shimmer and gray color separates leaving a matte off black shade. I haven't given up hope on it yet. I'll keep playing with it until I find something that works for me.

"Pistol Pistol"

Swatch of Pistol Pistol (center)

As for "Pink Cadillac", I love the glitter part of it. It's like a transparent purple glitter that you can layer over a pretty pink or purple eyeshadow. But as a whole, when I see this glitter, I see purple glitter mixed with powdered sugar. That's the best way I can describe it. =/ All hope isn't lost for this one either...

Left (starting at the top) Hollywood, Pink Cadillac, Ditzy... Right- Techno, Fierce, Rave

Left(starting at the top) Oddity, Tattoed, Pistol Pistol, Phyrra... Right- Juicy Mangp, Island Chic

If you've ever purchases from tell me your thought on the products.

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     Like most little girls, playing in my mom's bathroom was always on my daily to-do list. Waiting on her to leave for work or get hooked on a good Life Time movie, I would think about which products I wanted to get my hands on first. The fact that she was a Mary Kay consultant made it even better! Loads of products for me to try on and test out. I read the ingredients on cleansers and creams and swatched lipsticks and eyeshadows. If I was lucky enough I would get the chance to try stuff on neighborhood friends. As I got older I was taught how to properly apply makeup and was allowed to wear it to school. Eyeliner and colored gloss were my staples. Over the years my fascination has increased and here I am to share what I have learned with you!

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Kisses from your favorite rebel!