Sunday, December 16, 2012

Where have you been all my li i i i ife?!

Hello beauties! I know I don't have the most popular blog, but I still feel like I need to let you all know where I've been all year. Geesh! I don't even know where to start! I guess where I left off would be the ideal point. My estitician training turned out to be way more demanding than I thought it would be.  My instructors at Aveda were AMAZING! After graduating I felt very well equipped with the knowledge I needed to be a successful skin care professional. Since graduating I was accepted in to nursing school (totally unexpected) and began my first semester in August.

With all of the events that have taken place this year I have still found a way to keep up with my favorite hobby. Below is a product of my persistent practice. Hope you all enjoy!

For this look I used a NYX jumbo pencil in black bean as a base and 2am, velocity, mochi, bulletproof, tako, royal sugar and lumi all by Sugarpill. I can't remember the brand name of the lashes, I picked them up from my local beauty store.

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