Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seriously?! Right before the holidays?!

Well folks, I have yet again managed to set myself back in my healthy skin journey. So last week I decided I was going to revamp my daily skin routine in to something more consistent. Usually my products depend on how my felling that day. The type of product I use isn't what flucuates, the actual brand does. I always have a salicylic acid acne wash, a toner and an oil-free moisturizer. A glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide spot treatment will get tossed in whenever breakouts occur. For my new routine I chose to use a salicylic wash by Glo Therapeutics, Viz-1000 by Peter Thomas Roth as a toner/serum (its extremely hydrating), and Ponds dry skin cream for my moisturizer. Now, I know you're giving me the side eye for choosing ponds, but just hear me out. Out of all 1374758 products I own I didn't have one moisturizer that doesn't contain SPF. Don't get me wrong SPF is an awesome thing to have in your routine, but I don't like to wear it when I don't plan on leaving the house and its horrible to sleep in. Being that I'm on break from school for a few weeks this is the perfect time to give my skin a break and to just let it breath. I began the new routine on Thursday. Fast forwarding to Monday morning, I looked in the mirror I was beyond horrified! There were tons of small bumps along my forehead and around my cheek/mouth area. I do have very mild acne prone skin, but I hadn't had a break out in a few weeks and never this many.  After reading the label of all of the products (I should've done this in the begining), I discovered that Ponds contains mineral oil and isopropyl palmitate as major ingredients. Those two are notorious for clogging pores and would explain the reason for the abundance of milia (white heads) dancing on my face. I didn't think to take pics until this evening and it's calmed down a lot since I did a bentonite clay masque this morning. Now I must spend the next couple of weeks getting my skin back to "normal." I have definitely learn my lesson.

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